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Glitter Yonis


glitter yonis is a project where I invite women to celebrate and praise their yoni! I don't only wish to show how we are all the same but yet unique, how we all are perfect just the way we are and how incredible beautiful the female sex is. - No, I also want to dress her up, give her a glittery dress and a moment in total celebration!


What's the background?

This idea was born out of a number of circumstances in my life. Like all art, it is a reflection of something that the artist is relating to or going through. "Glitter Yonis" was born out of a process of self-discovery, learning and connecting more to my own yoni, sexuality and pleasure. And in this process a lot of small components played its part to birth this project. 

I’ve started to realise that men see, touch and connect with their lingams (penises) naturally every day. As soon as they are naked they see it and every time they pie they touch it. Not only do they connect with their own penis but they also see other mens penises when they are in a sauna, public shower and in the urinal. Men have seen their own and other mens penises since childhood. This is often far from the experience we have as women growing up. Biologically our sex is more “hidden” and we have to make an action to see and connect with her (bending over or fetching with a mirror). In public showers and in saunas we see the front of the yoni (pussy), but never really the yoni it self with the inner labia and clitoris.

Growing up myself there was no official word for her (my family had our own made up name for it) and I was told to be carful not to get her dirty if I explored her with my fingers. Never did I see my mother or my friends yonis. If one would be heterosexual there is a big chance you never even see another women's yoni in your life! And where do we get to see yonis elsewhere, in images? In the context of giving birth and in porn! Hardly a suitable representation of how our sex looks like.


What is GLITTER Yonis?

This project is way more that just glittery photos - it is an empowering and healing journey.
We all experience shame in different ways related to our body, our sex and our sexuality. With this project I want to take this often tabu topics out of the hidden and as we shine light on them we can easy see how we are not alone. We might have different details in our experiences, but we share many of the themes. For example we often touch on our experiences with shame, pleasure, self-love, insecurities, sexuality, guilt, pain, periods, pubic hair, desires, longings.

When we put words to our experiences we can heal and move towards more understanding and self love. I believe that it is by shining light on the hidden shadows within us, we can become more hole and complete. So we move on to create a beautiful ritual with color and glitter where the yoni gets to be in the spotlight! She gets to be on the main stage, ready to be celebrated for all the glory that she is! The source of pleasure and life! 


YONI /ˈjəʊni/
means “sacred gateway" or “sacred flower” in sanskrit.
Let’s give her as many names as she likes, what do you call her?
Vagina, vulva, snippa, pussy, fitta, mutta, cunt, hallon-grotta,
vajayjay, smurran, punani, piška, muca, fanny, muttis, musen..


almost 100 yonis..!

..has been glittered and photographed! So much diversity and so many stories! See them all here in
the online glitter yoni galley


Want to participate?

This is an ongoing project so if you, or anyone you know, wants to be a part of this you can!


I hold Glitter Yoni workshops where I invite women to a safe and loving space where we share our experiences related to our yonis. Our experiences are unique but as we come together and share with other sisters we find that we share similar feelings and that there are areas we all can relate to. I want to take this often tabu topic and move it into the light as a way of moving from fear and shame. In this we can release, reclaim and empower ourselves as women. Let’s celebrate our yonis and what she has been through. As a final piece we have a honouring glitter ritual where the yoni gets to be in the spotlight! She gets to be seen and celebrated for all that she is!

Keep an eye on my facebook page for upcoming events near you.



You can also book a one-on-one session with me for 500kr (50€) where we meet in private. Then we drink a cup of tea and share our yonis stories. Included in this session is also a print of your Glitter Yoni to hang on your wall at home. Maybe she should be greeted and celebrated every morning! 

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Want to buy a Glitter Yoni poster?

50x70cm for 350sek
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I’m happy and proud to be an ambassador for Eco Sparkles! That way we can be friendly to mother earth at the same time as we celebrate our yonis and make them glitter and shine!


The Yoniverse - a short documentary →