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What is Glitter Yonis?

glitter yonis

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In this project I invite women to celebrate and praise their yoni! I don't only wish to show how we are all the same but yet unique, how we all are perfect just the way we are and how incredible beautiful the female sex is. - No, I also want to dress her up, give her a glittery dress and a moment in total celebration!


What's the background?

This idea was born out of a number of circumstances in my life. Like all art, this is a reflection of something that the artist is relating to or going through. "Glitter Yonis" was born out of a process of self-discovery, learning and connecting more to my own yoni, sexuality and pleasure. And in this process a lot of small components played its part to birth this project. 

For example, one night I was in a nightclub and as it often happens there was a long line for the women's bathroom, while the male bathroom was more or less empty. So I decided to run into the male bathroom instead and after I was done and was on my way out there now was a number of guys using the urinal. "Ops, a lot of dicks!" I briefly thought to myself and run out of there. I hit me how often and easy we see dicks in different places here and there, you can't avoid it if you see a naked man. But our female sex are more hidden and not to mention way less represented in images in our society. We mostly see pussies in connection of giving birth, in medical/informative situations or in porn. But when do we actually see pussies that just are, for them self, for us? Not for a man or any medical purpose? This needs to change, I thought!

What is GLITTER Yonis?

This project is way more that just glittery photos, its an empowering and healing journey. I invite the women who participate in the project to a warm and loving space where we meet, have a cup of te and share our stories related to our yonis. We talk about our experiences with self-love, sexuality, pleasure, shame, guilt, pain, periods, pubic hair, wants, needs, desires etc. We all experience shame in different ways related to our body, our sex and our sexuality. With this project I want to take this often tabu topics out of the closet and show that when we shine a light on them, and share them with our sisters, it's easy to see how we are not alone in this. And by sharing we heal these aspects of ourself, finding love and understanding for them. I believe that it is by shining light on the hidden shadows within us that we can become more hole and complete. So after sharing some of our shame and shadows we move into the light! We cleanse and then create a beautiful ritual with color and glitter where the yoni gets to be in the spotlight! She gets to be on the main stage, ready to be celebrated for all the glory that she is! The source of pleasure and life! 

This is an ongoing project with an ambitious goal to gather as many glitter yonis as possible - so if you, or anyone you know, wants to be a part of this you can book your session here!


The Yoniverse - a short documentary

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Want to buy a Glitter Yoni poster?

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Eco Sparkles

I’m very happy and proud to be an ambassador for Eco Sparkles! That way we can be friendly to mother earth at the same time as we celebrate our yonis and make them glitter and shine.