What is BodyLove?

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What is BodyLove? 


BodyLove is a project that explores and honours the female body in all its beauty. Based on the conviction that all bodies are gorgeous just the way they are and deserve to be celebrated. Our bodies are our homes, our temples, our live’s physical expression.

Yet today, so many of us struggle with loving our bodies just the way they are. Since early childhood we’ve bombarded by images and messages showing us how a body should look like, and we come to believe we are only worthy of love if we look and act a certain way. And even though as grownups we’re aware of how unhealthy this way of thinking is for us, the marks are stil deeply there in our mind. Now they are not only spoken by society, the norm and the media - but also quietly (and maybe even more damaging) by ourselves to ourselves. What are we actually saying to our bodies when we look in the mirror? What messages are we sending them when we try on clothes? Most of us would never say the things we say to ourself to anyone else, because we know that it’s not loving but rather hurtful and can leave long lasting scars. This project aims to find ways to expose and release negative believes we have about our bodies and find a way back home to self-love.

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Your body.
A flow of lines.
A river of shapes, in harmony together, telling the story of aliveness.

How did it start?

For me, body love all started when I took my own personal shift from looking at my body from the outside to feeling it from the inside. Finding appreciation for it’s function, not for it looks. Recognising that the body is the physical manifestation of us in this life which enables us to experience the world and ourselves. The body is the container of all our emotions. It is the vessel through which we experience art such as music, dance, singing, painting. It is through the body we feel our senses; seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling. And touch! Omg, what about the actual sensation of touch? What would this life be without that?

After being inspired by the rise of the body positivism movement I found myself wanting to act. Without knowing exactly what I wanted to do I felt a calling to address this issue with others and come together with sisters to share and to heal. So I created my BodyLove art project which aims to broaden the way that bodies are portrayed. I do this by inviting women to BodyLove workshops I host with my friend Philippa Linder. These are intimate gatherings where together we create a safe space to share our stories, open to healing and come back to self-love in sisterhood.

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How do we come back to self-love?

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I really struggle to find words to describe the energy that fills the space when 10-15 naked women are set free to just be, just the way they are, together. We share the stories of our bodies, our likes, dislikes, struggles, pain, wounds and vulnerabilities. We came together in circle, meditate and have lunch naked. Then we celebrate, laugh and have fun infront of my camera.

As a photographer in this events I feel like I’m in heaven, having all these amazing naked women to shoot. There is something really profound happening during this events in our bodies. Through our time we share together where we feel the brave hearts of our sisters and through moving, dancing and exploring our bodies something changes in our bodies. Something in the body is released and dropped. And something else emerges, a freedom and a sense of aliveness that makes the body move and express differently. I guess more in its true essence. I’ve come to realise (and I guess witness) how being fully in our bodies is what makes us truly beautiful. Once there, we are able to move in our own way, dance to our own beat and create our true expression. This is natural magic and art for me!



Watch the HappyBoobs-video from one of the workshops!