“Deeper, deeper into the darkness
Stronger growing to the light
More deeply rooted in the darkness
Opening wider to the light
Like the tree grounded in the soil
Reaching with its branches higher, higher up
How many times did I touch the dead-end?
Close observation leads me to the conclusion that all life comes from destruction, 
and without destruction, there is no life. 
Let’s take the hummus – black soil, as example. 
What else is soil, or so called Mother Earth, 
giving birth to all life, 
if not product of the decomposition of something else, that existed before?
Annihilation and transformation of life into matter...
In the nature everything is eating each other... constantly.
There is nothing stable, 
and balance is simply an equilibrium between eating and being eaten.
Soil represents the entire natural world.
Without soil there is no life.
I am the soil."

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