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If you and your yoni feels called to be part of this project and want to have your yoni glittered - it is possible! I have an ambitious goal and want to glitter as many yonis as possible - lets celebrate them and let our yonis shine! 

I hold space free of charge, one session a week, so you can make a booking at the first available free time. I have my base in Gothenburg, Sweden but travel a lot and will soon be in Israel, Stockholm, Zurich and Barcelona. Fill out the form here to book your session!

If you don't want to wait for the next available free time you can also book a session with me directly for 500kr (50€) and then you will also get the photo of your Glitter Yoni printed on nice thick paper to hang on your wall at home. Maybe she should be greeted and celebrated every morning! 

How does it work?

I invite the women who participate in the project to a warm and loving space where we talk about our experiences with self-love, sexuality, pleasure, shame, guilt, pain, periods, pubic hair, wants, needs, desires etc. We all experience shame in different ways related to our body, our sex and our sexuality. With this project I want to take this often tabu topics out of the closet and show that when we shine a light on them, and share them with our sisters, it's easy to see how we are not alone in this. And by sharing we heal these aspects of ourself, finding love and understanding for them. I believe that it is by shining light on the hidden shadows within us that we can become more hole and complete. So after sharing some of our shame and shadows we move into the light! We cleanse, reclaim, empower and then create a beautiful ritual with color and glitter where the yoni gets to be in the spotlight! She gets to be on the main stage, ready to be celebrated for all the glory that she is! The source of pleasure and life! 

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