85 glitter yonis.

I’m getting closer to my goal of gathering 100 glitter yonis, now I have 85 in my gallery! Wow, when I started this project I thought it would be impossible, because I couldn’t imagine how I would find women who would want to have glitter on their yoni and have her photographed! Turns out there are many women who want that! Many of us want to have our yoni celebrated! This project has given me so so much - I’m so grateful for every women who have been part of it and keep spreading this online (against all odds with censorship on social media).

A favorit thing I do when I hold these Glitter Yoni workshops is to take a mental picture of the space in the beginning, when the women just land into the room. Often a bit anxious, not knowing what will happen, not knowing the other women in the circle. Just feeling into the energy and a quick observation of their body language. And then, an hour later or so, make take another moment to just observe and take in the room. Then the same women are naked, spreading their legs in all directions, giggling and glittering each other. The energy in the space at this time is just magical! We have all dropped cloths, masks, roles and fear and instead moved into lightness, play, joy and naturalness. Taking this second mental photo, have many times almost moved me to tears. Women being naked, so natural, creative, carefree and in sisterhood is what this is about!

So I would like to present some new yonis to the Glitter Yoni Gallery. This is the summer yonis! How beautiful and amazing aren’t they??

If you want to have your yoni glittered and be a part of this project there is a beautiful opportunity next weekend, on the 1st of september. Me and Aurika are inviting women in Gothenburg to our event - Women’s EsSensuality - Body, Intimacy & Empowerment . Whatever is your relationship to your body and sexuality, this is an open space for you, sisters. Some of us are fully blossoming and multi-orgasmic, while others are longing for more meaningful sex life, not feeling sexual at all or maybe even experiencing pain. Let’s bring it all in! This is a place where we can come together in order to transform our experiences, struggles and longings into authentic growth. We will share exercises and take you on a journey from our conditioned mind down into our body. As the cherry on top we will finish with Glitter Yonis as a way to honor and celebrate our yonis just the way they are! A time to let her shine and be seen! If you want to book your spot you can contact me here! Hope to see you there sisters!

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