a love journey.

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What is more beautiful than connection, love and sexuality, really? I think most people on this earth would agree that love is something we wish to generate more of. We are used to seeing our sex-life as something highly private, something we do behind closed doors and that we don’t speak about. For me, as a photographer, our love and sexuality is one of the most beautiful thing there is in this life! Is that not everyones understanding? We are wired for love and connection and we all know the impact love has on us when it comes through the door in our own lives. I feel like this beauty is worthy of much more celebration and honouring. What magic it is when two people meet and connect in heart, mind, spirit and sexuality. Two separate entities dancing together and slowly merging as one.


A while ago I had the privilege to hold space and capture the connection between Sandra and Steven, a beautiful couple who I met this summer. It was such an honor to be present and whiteness them. They took me on a journey and gave me taste of the unique flavour of their love. My heart was so open after our session as I left them for some afterglow in the session room. Wow, the love that exists in this world is pure beauty! Let’s share and invite more of that all around.

I’m so grateful for the trust Sandra and Steven had this day and also for the willingness to share some of the photos with you all. Spreading a bit of their love dust to more people. Thank you! Hope you enjoy the photos!

If you and your partner/partners want to have intimate photos taken I’ll be back in Gothenburg by the end of the month and you can book your own session.

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A few words written by Sandra about the experience:

“The photo session with Cim was my first experience with a professional intimate shooting. I met Cim at Ängsbacka and felt directly touched by her open and warm energy and inspired by the way she lives in her fullness of being a woman.

My curiosity and the intention to have authentic photos of the natural connection between me and my partner was the motivation to apply for it. During the session Cim created a save, natural and welcoming atmosphere so that I could totally let go and dive into a playful space with my partner. Cim never interfered in our play, no posing, no comments,... I totally forgot about the outcome of the shooting. The photos weren't anymore focus of the session. Even though it was just one hour I felt like being on an intense journey through different dances with my partner.

Leaving the photo shooting my mind started to get active again. I was really nervous about how the photos gonna look like. I was insecure about the way my body looks, afraid to see parts of myself that I can hardly accept, that I would rather hide.

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To finally see the photos afterwards was so surprising for me. To see our interaction, the aliveness of the photos... To see all the different energies in our connection, the playfulness, softness, wildness, rawness, surrender... Our love!

It was a special moment for me to look at me being intimate with my partner. I was touched by the beauty, by my beauty! The photos weren't about a perfect body, a perfect lover, they showed me that beautiful, authentic imperfection of myself and our connection. And I could totally say YES to myself!”


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