nature as a lover.

Wow, this summer is magic in so many ways. I feel a lot of inspiration and clarity when it comes to my creativity and projects. I have many ideas, many things inside that wants to come out and be created. At Ängsbacka there are all the right ingredients coming together and enabling things to birth. So many good things at once; summer light, nature, powerful and inspiring women!

I feel so grateful and empowered by the sisters who I’m getting to know here! The collaboration, co-creation and inspiration that magically appears in out meetings I will carry with me through my life.

On that note I want to introduce one powerful, warm hearted, amazing cookie; Chloe! She dances through this life and share her magic, experiences and knowledge on her blog - Tales of a Wannabe Redhead.

The connection with her have had an impact on me since the first moment we met and the mirroring we done for each other over the last months has been so healing and supportive for me. Through our flow we quickly felt like we wanted to create something together, so we got naked and decided to head out into nature. This is the photos that came out of our adventure! And below is a part of Chloe’s blogpost about it, read all of it HERE.


“I hadn’t intended or imagined that my naked nature shoot would become erotosicm, or that I would be so aroused by Mother Nature. Yet it felt so natural.

Nature is a sexual being. Flowers are the sexual organs displaying themselves to the bee so that they will be pollinated and continue their existence. The wind is the unpredictable passion that awakens us to our wanting. Moss is the bed for the forest to mate upon. The sun is the dominant master, who we all depend upon. Water is wet flowing nectar that signals surrender.

I don’t need a lover, a camera, a cause or the thrill of being caught to enjoy nature in its sexual form. Nature is a sexual being and we should let her enjoy us just as much as we enjoy her.

When I die I will decompose and become a part of nature, maybe she is always calling me home. I am under no illusion that right now in this humanly body I am not also a part of nature. I am. Maybe I don't want to call her Mother Nature anymore. After all, I wouldn’t do the things I’ve been thinking about doing with nature, with my Mum.“

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