bleeding is healing.

I can’t explain what I'm going through.
I can only feel it.
Surrender to it.
A deep ocean of sadness inside my womb,
asking to be felt and released.
It's mine, it is also every women's.
My body knows what to do.
I just have to be brave enough to listen.
Go sit on the earth it says.
And give it all back.

My yoni on the soft moss.
Held by our mother.
Softly caressed by the wind.
In support of the full moon.
Moved by the energies of the solstice.

My yoni is crying in prayer.
Asking for safety.
For me, for every women, for our mother.
Bleeding is healing.
Giving it all back to the soil.
Please mother, take it.

It's not mine to carry anymore.

Cim Ek2 Comments