summer nights.

The sensation of summer nights in swedish nature is something words can’t describe. Late hours, soft light and birds singing in the forest. Soft wind making the long grass dance and pastell colors painted across the sky in the middle of the night. For me this brings me right back home. The sensation of Home, the place that’s inside myself, in my body. With a nostalgic feeling I land inside myself and remember how whole and complete I was as a child running barefoot in the soft green moss in the forest. Remember the freedom when I was dancing in the open fields. The bliss of picking flowers and singing to them. And the complete presens when I was laying on my stomach watching the insects. Here I am. Home in nature, home in myself.

I am spending my time at Ängsbacka this summer, a course and festival center for spiritual and personal growth. I’m here to capture the beauty and magic that happens here with my camera and experiencing living in this community. Apart from that I also bring my own art projects here, especially Glitter Yonis and Body Love. My BodyLove-project has up to this point been shot in a studio with flashes and colors, but being here and arriving back home to the swedish nature after a few months of traveling, I have loads of new inspiration! I’ll be doing BodyLove in a nature edition! And as I started with sharing, this feels so natural to me as I feel the most at home in nature and always seeks out nature when I need grounding, guidance or holding in my life.

So let me present the first session I shot here with an amazing goddess! Observing her and capturing her beauty with my camera was like listening to the most beautiful piece of classical music. I love how the body totally know what it feels, what it needs, and how it wants to express - if we just get our minds out if the way. And then music, flow, art is created!
For me, these photos are a celebration of the beauty of every female body, the wisdom that the body holds and our connection to mother earth. May we can all find more peace to just be, allowing ourselves to come back home again and again. To our bodies, to nature.

If you want to know more about this project you can find out more HERE!

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