Let the yonis shine.

Feeling some Glitter Yoni happiness today as I’m updating the Glitter Yoni Gallery with the new pussies from my workshop in PornyDays, Zurich. It was such an amazing time there and the energy in that workshop lifted me for days. I love how we can meet and make each other so free and loving in our bodies. I could have stayed in that room for hours with all 20 amazing women who participated.

Now there is over 50 Glitter Yonis in my collection! From the beginning I said I wanted to have 100.. but that would mean I’m half way through now and the countdown has started.. And I don’t feel thats the case at all, in a way it’s just getting started! Soon it’s a new year and I’m ready to glitter a lot more pussies!

I mean, look at the beauty in these pictures. I can’t get enough, let’s make more yonis shine!

Grid_GlitterYonis_02 copy.jpg
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