I have fallen in love. With the body.

Over the last years I’ve come to see and appreciate the body in new ways. For me, it started with a shift from looking at my body from the outside to instead feeling it from the inside. Finding appreciation for it’s function, not only for it looks. Recognising that the body is the physical manifestation of us in this life and enables us to experience the world and ourselves. The body is the container of all our emotions - I mean wow, just that is a lot to be thankful for. It makes us experience art such as music, dance, singing, painting. It is through the body we feel our senses; seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling. And touch! Omg, what about the actual sensation of touch? What would this life be without that?

Switching this perspective has been really healing for me and my relationship to my body. But it doesn’t stop there, at least not for me. This journey pushed me forward, making a circle, and I ended up at the starting point again. But with this new gained knowledge and appreciation. Looking at my body again, with the outside view, I would have hoped I instantly, and without doubt, would love what I saw in the mirror. Well, It wasn’t really that easy for me. I did see my body with a lot more love, thats for sure! In some aspects I could feel my relationship to my body has healed completely. But the oldest and deepest wounds and judgments was still there to some extent. Even though it was less loud and intense, the same judging thoughts that I’ve told my body my hole life was still there.


Through sisterhood, circles and tantra over the years it’s become really clear I am not the only one struggling with loving my body completely just the way it is! Its all of us! It’s also clear to me that we very easily can see and appreciate other bodies as beautiful and gorgeous, but less so with our own. As a photographer I’ve always found naked bodies so so beautiful and love shooting naked people in my work, but still I struggle with my own body. It’s sad paradox. After finding some more inspiration online through the body positivism movement I found myself recording a video and posting it online this fall. I wanted to adress this issue and come together with sisters to heal. Both myself and other women on this path.

That resulted in my first BodyLove workshop together with my dear friend and coworker Philippa Linder a few weeks ago. And what can i say.. oh my goddess!


I really struggle to find words to describe the energy that filled that space when 14 naked women were set free to just be, just the way they are, together. We shared the stories of our bodies, our likes, dislikes, struggles, pain, wounds and vulnerabilities. We came together in circle, meditated and had lunch naked together. Then we celebrated, laughed and had fun infront of my camera. As a photographer I felt like I was in heaven, having all these amazing naked women to shoot. I felt truly inspired by the beauty of the women I saw trough my lens! Through our time together sharing that morning and with their brave hearts they where moving, dancing and exploring their body and its movements infront of me. I came to realise in an even deeper way that every body is truly beautiful! When we embody it and feel it, it changes, it moves differently, it becomes alive and free. This is natural magic and art for me!

So I hope you enjoy my new found love as much as I do through these photos! My hope is to capture and share the beauty of real bodies and I’m hoping this is just the start of a long romance. I can write a lot more about this, but instead I want to send a blessing to you, who are reading this, sending you and your body some love and light. Your body is beautiful and amazing, just the way it is right now! And I hope we can all help each other to find our way back to more selflove and freedom in our bodies. If you feel called to this path I will have a second workshop here in Gothenburg on the 20th of January. Feel free to check out the event on FB.

Hope you enjoy these photos!

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