About Cim

Cim Ek


I found that the best way to get to know someone is to figure out what excites them. For me its mainly two things; photography and our human experience.


Human experience

Around ten years ago, around the same time as I graduated as a human behaviourist, I was thrown into my own journey of self-discovery. I found my self depressed with anxiety and had problem breathing and sleeping - and I did now know why. I started to see a therapist and somewhere there my life took a completely new direction. I started to see and understand myself, my childhood, my conditioning, my wounds, my patterns, my fears. With time I was able to release and heal but I also soon discovered that I will not be completely healed one day, but rather that this is the journey of life. We are here to grow and expand, everything can be a teaching and a lesson.

Over the years I’ve found more paths, truths and tools that are important complement to the traditional western psychology. In this society we can easily get stuck in our mind and trapped in thoughts so I find it helpful and important to get into our body and soul more. We need to meet ourself in other ways that through the mind. Maybe by being in nature, sitting in silence, working with movement of the body, feeling and releasing our emotions, connecting to others, sharing our vulnerability with others etc.


I’ve been working as a freelance photographer for about eight years now with all types of assignments; interior, fashion, portraits, weddings, events etc.

Photography has been with me since I was a young teen. It’s been a part of helping me to understand and observe the world. For me it’s the ultimate tool that holds the potential to move us in a deep way. It can be used to create fantasy worlds, to capture the truth or to alter the reality. In that way a photographer holds a lot of responsibility in her/his hands and can shape the way people will view the subject.

The combination?

humans as art!